The Lotus Flower

The Lotus Flower
It doesn't matter how your children get to you, just that they get there. However parenthood comes to you, it's a miracle."

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Introducing the "Z-Bean"

It has been *gasp* almost 4 weeks since I updated & the reason being because I was getting nervous that we would go for the ultrasound & get bad news... 


On September 3rd, we went to see Dr. G at the other KC office for our "heartbeat confirmation". I was really nervous & couldn't sleep the night before. I got up super early because I was afraid of sleeping through my alarm & being late. 
I met K & M at the office & they gave me a bunch of Reese's... I had mentioned that I keep them in the freezer as a treat. Super sweet of them! 
I was worried that even though I had been doing everything & taking the medications like I was supposed to that the sac would be empty or there wouldn't be a heartbeat. Everyone has so much invested in this, both mentally, emotionally, & financially that thinking about the possibility of a loss & possibly having to start over was really heartbreaking. I am generally a positive person & rarely worry about things, but I was hoping & wishing that everything was going to be okay but I was also mentally preparing myself for the worst. I think that is the military mentality, "prepare for the worst & hope for the best". So as soon as Dr. G inserted the ultrasound wand, I could see the gestational sac. I've gotten pretty good at figuring out what I'm looking at on the screen. I had a rush of warmth go over me & felt like I was able to breathe after seeing the sac & baby on the screen.
It really was a huge relief when Dr. G found the heartbeat right away & when he said everything looked good. The heartbeat was 128bpm & normal. K & M were super excited & emotional, as they should be... We scheduled the next appointment for 2 weeks from then to double check & make sure baby is still thriving. 

At the 9 week, September 17th, appointment everything looked fantastic! I dubbed the baby the "Z-Bean"...K & M's last name starts with a Z, & I like thinking of the baby as an actually little person that belongs to them rather than just a growing fetus. & you can definitely see how much he/she has grown in 2 weeks! He/she was wiggling around & waving like they were saying "hi". It was super adorable! We "graduated" from the specialty Reproductive Center to a regular OB this appointment. Dr. G said we only had 1 more week of meds left, wahoooo!

K & M had to go to the funeral of his grandmother right after the appointment. I was really happy that we had such good news & was able to bring a little ray of sunshine into their day! 

M's mother also had given K a gift. A necklace that has a tiny set of footprints. Very pretty & very thoughtful gift- she can carry the baby with her everywhere she goes!